Spirituality has always been man’s refuge when it comes to deriving peace and happiness. Understanding life from a spiritual standpoint has always been easier. All religions, beliefs and scriptures have advocated the philosophy of universal brotherhood through love, selflessness and altruism – tenets that have successfully unraveled the mystery of life. One can easily experience love and happiness through sharing and caring for others.

Shirdi Sai Baba, the Avatar [the incarnation of Supreme Being in human form] of our time, has provided succor and relief to mankind ever since His advent on mother Earth. He has been guiding mankind through vicissitudes of fortunes. No wonder He is being worshipped by countless devotees from all over the world. Albeit not in flesh and blood in our midst now, the great Satguru is in us and around us; omnipotent and ubiquitous.

Likeminded spiritually attuned followers and Samaritans of the Avatar Shirdi Sai Baba joined hands to further their good cause by planning to form a trust and build a Mandir or Temple for the Venerated One.

The two-pronged objective was to build a Mandir for the Holy One that could extol His virtues and the trust could handle the needs of the underprivileged of the society.

Accordingly, nine of the spiritual followers of Shirdi Sai Baba united in mind and spirit to form Sree Sai Karpagaviruksha Trust, on 4th December 2009, with K Chandramohan, Chairman of NTC Group of Companies at the helm as the Managing Trustee.

While on the lookout for a suitable land that could be the blessed soil that can host the beautiful temple of worship, the trust could spot a beautiful piece of land near Samayapuram, Trichy, in a small hamlet called Akkaraipatti [formerly Agraharapatti]. It is also spiritually uplifting to note that Shirdi Sai Baba appeared in the dreams of K Chandramohan, and mandated him to construct a temple for Him in Akkaraipatti.

The Panduranga Sai Community Center has been a beehive of welfare activities since 2009. The community center hosts several social welfare activities under the aegis of the Sai Karpagaviruksha Trust. Today, Annadhan [distribution of free food] to homeless, orphans & invalid, free medical camps, and distribution of educational aid to children of nearby hamlets, are organized in the Panduranga Sai Community Center, in line with the objectives of the trust.

As if waiting to happen, the land had a neem tree forking out of two huge rocks that would resemble the Gurusthan [seat of the Guru] at the Holy Shrine of Shirdi. When Shirdi Baba moved into Shirdi, it is said that He first sat on one such rock sheltered by a neem tree; reverentially known since then as the Gurusthan. Here in Akkaraipatti, the Gurusthan was sanctified under this neem tree on 21st April 2011.

Construction of Dhwarakamayee was completed on 8th April 2014. The Dhwarakamayee is the seat of the sacred Nimbar and Dhuni – the perpetual sacred fire.

The Akkaraipatti Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir construction activities began on 12th Feb 2016 and with the support from likeminded devotees of Shirdi Baba, the temple is likely to be ready for the Mahakumbabishekam [sanctification of the holy structure] and perform the Kumbabishekam
on 20.01.2020-Monday between 9.00 am to 10.00 am